Amaranthine Empire

The Amaranthine Empire was built hundreds of years ago in the land of Grandus under the First Emperor, Varrik Amaranthine. It was then that he begun his seige to control the Realm. The reason for conquering other countries is a mystery and only the Emperor, his descendants, and his closest vassals know the truth. So far the Empire’s armies have conquered half of the Realm and have recently conquered the country of Lyones.

It should be noted that the Amaranthine Empire believes that the Human race is the most Superior race and that all other races should bow before the Empires might. The Non-Human races are indentured to the Noble men and women of the Empire and are treated poorly. The people of other countries regardless of whether or not they are Human are made an example of or rot in the Empires lowest dungeons never to see the light of day again.

Emperor Pyros, the current ruler of the Amaranthine Empire, sits on his throne back in Grandus, allowing his three children to conquer countries and expand the Empires influence. The first in line to the throne and the oldest of his children is Lord Ryven, followed by Lady Nyx, and lastly Lord Lazurite. Each child is General of their own armies and have conquered many lands on their own.

Each army under the Amaranthine Empire specialize in different styles of combat.
The army under Lord Lazurite’s rule specializes in the use of seige weaponry, such as catapults and battering rams, and a brute force style of combat, such as the use of greatswords and greataxes.
Lady Nyx’s army specializes in different forms of dark magic, one of which is known as Necromancy where the caster may raise the dead to fight for them. It is rumored that Lady Nyx herself is a Necromancer and that the whole of her army is the undead.
Lord Ryven’s army is the strongest and most elite of the rest. They specialize in taming and riding Dragons. The best of his troops are known as Dragoon Warriors and are the most skillful in using all types of weaponry. It is said that the Dragoon Warriors own the most dangerous and ferocious of Dragons.

Amaranthine Empire

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